Tux Set!!

This file INCLUDES resale rights XD PSD+PNG Outfit PLUS cuffs!!LIMITED TO 5!
Be sure to read and comply with the rules BEFORE purchasing.

Terms of Resale;
-You MUST email/message IMVU name.
-DO NOT claim under any circumstances.
-You MUST put my name down as original creator in whatever 
group/site etc you sell.

This file is for IMVU use ONLY
100% made by me DarkDeviL©
I understand some people do not understand what these are so I will have to start putting it simply.THIS IS AN IMVU TEXTURE FILE NOT A MESH FILE.

If you wish to try the items on it is up in my alt storehttp://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=32071599
Buyers QueenIrish

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