MKT 431 Week 2 Unique Selling Position Worksheet

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MKT 431 Week 2 Unique Selling Position Worksheet

Complete the Unique Selling Position Worksheet.

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Unique Selling Position Worksheet


Review the information in Fig. 6.2 on pages 133-135 in the Preparing Effective Business Plans text. Complete each section below. Be sure to cite your sources when necessary (including all uses of the textbook).





Buyer Information



Discuss in 350 to 700 words total, the buyer behavior information presented in the section:

















































Income Level
Programs and Facilities






Selling Position



Address in 3-5 sentences what makes this a unique selling position for the organization.



















Business Analysis


Explain in no more than 350 words why Prime Adult Fitness has a good business idea. Base this on the buyer information presented, as well as an analysis and application of course topics.

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