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Implement a Stack in Javascript (you will turn in a link to your program in JSFiddle). Do not use an array as the stack or in the implementation of the stack.


Build a Stack Computer from your stack.  When a number is entered it goes onto the top of the stack. When an operation is entered, the previous 2 numbers are operated on by the operation and the result is pushed onto the top of the stack. This is how an RPN calculator.

For example

2 [enter]   2

5 [enter]   5 2

*  [enter]  * 5 2 - collapses to 10

would leave at 10 at the top of the stack.

Push toStack
The program should use a simple input box, either a text field or prompt and display the contents of the Stack.

This is what should show on right side.


If I enter say 2 it should pop to screen under this.

If I enter 5 should pop on top of 1



Then if I enter *, should multiply without showing the * and collapse the 2 and 5 to 10

So all that shows is the 10
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