CJA 374 Entire Course All DQs

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CJA 374 Entire Course All DQs

Wk 1 DQ 1

At what age are individuals truly capable of understanding the
seriousness and consequences of their actions? At what age should juveniles be
tried as adults?


Wk 1 DQ 2

Should juveniles be incarcerated or institutionalized for status
offenses such as truancy or running away? Explain why.


Wk 1 DQ 3

What is the purpose of the confidentiality of juvenile proceedings?
Should the public have a right to know who juvenile criminals are?


Wk 2 DQ 1

May a police officer be effectively involved in preventing juvenile


Wk 2 DQ 2

Among the principle figures, including family, church, schools, police,
and youth organizations, who has the most important role in the prevention of
delinquency? Discuss each and explain your choice of most important.


Wk 2 DQ 3

Discuss an example of juvenile delinquency with which you are familiar.
Describe the delinquency. To what extent did the family contribute to the
delinquency? What might the family have done differently?


Wk 3 DQ 1

What are the pros and cons of securely detaining a juvenile prior to
any formal action to adjudicate?


Wk 3 DQ 2

Should there be a juvenile justice system, or should juveniles who
commit serious crimes be treated as adults while the other juvenile offenders
are handled by social welfare agencies?


Wk 3 DQ 3

Should the federal government take the lead in efforts to reduce
juvenile delinquency or should efforts and intervention be lead by the family,
school, and church? Explain your answer.


Wk 4 DQ 1

Is it possible to reconcile the dual objectives in a juvenile
correctional institution of rehabilitation and public or staff safety issues?
Explain your answer.


Wk 4 DQ 2

What is your opinion of returning a juvenile offender to the public
school system after a period of secure confinement? Explain your answer.


Wk 4 DQ 3

As a parole officer, how might you handle a juvenile who is within 2
months of being 18 years old and who persistently violates his curfew, which is
a condition of his parole program?


Wk 5 DQ 1

Which components of the juvenile justice system might be effectively
privatized? Explain your answer.


Wk 5 DQ 2

How would you ensure that the public is safe if a juvenile institution
is operated privately instead of by a state agency?


Wk 5 DQ 3

From everything you have learned in this course, what would you
consider the biggest weakness in your state’s juvenile justice system? Describe
the weakness, and explain how you might correct the problem.


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