ANT.101, WK1, DS1 CULTURAL UNIVERSALS Tarasha Hickson.docx

Tarasha Hickson-Smith

ANT. 101              WEEK 1                 DISCUSSION 1


Cultural Universals’ Effect on Humanism

                When we
identify the cultural universals of the people that have a greater impact on
our existence it gives us an understanding and a greater appreciation for the
value of our being. Not saying that I support ethnocentrism (Nowak & Laird,
Introduction: What is the Anthropological Approach, 2010), but by
allowing an equal view of the combined opinions of each culture will present a
bigger picture of humanism.  Some
cultures just tend to stand out more than others causing us to pay closer
attention to all that it has to offer to human nature. As the text points out,
“Grasping the fullest range of human culture will inevitably lead to
universally valid knowledge of what it means to be a cultural-bearing human (Nowak &
Laird, Introduction: What is the Anthropological Approach, 2010).”
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