Easy Main Menu v0.5f2

Requires Unity 5.6.3 or higher.

Prices Dropped Permanently! 

Before : 25$

Now : 14.99$

Please Play the demo first before making any purchase :)

Easy Main Menu is your one stop solution for all the things you want to have in a menu :

- Start Game
* New Game
* Save/Load Game

- Options
* Game Options
* Graphics Options
* Control Changing Options

- Pause Menu

- Loading Screen

- Screen Fader

- FREE Cube Character Example Scene Included

- Quit Game

Help Forum Thread :

PC Demo Link (Google Drive):
Easy Main Menu Pc Build

Documentation (Google Drive):
Easy Main Menu Documentation

YouTube Tuts :
Easy Main Menu 101

If you want to support the further development of this asset, I have enabled the Pay What You Want feature so you can pay us more. However the base price is 14.99$ .

This Asset includes my all the other assets worth 20$ :

- Easy Audio Utility - 5$ (https://sellfy.com/p/qsYJ/)
- Easy Input Utility - 5$ (Coming Soon)
- Easy Graphics Utility - 5$ (Coming Soon)
- Easy Save Load Utility - 5$ (Coming Soon)
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