NTC 300 Week 5 Individual Assignment: Cloud Services Providers

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 NTC 300 Week 5 Individual Assignment: Cloud Services Providers

Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the Pluralsight course, independent student reading, and research.

Complete the following Pluralsight courses:




“Distributed Systems with AWS”


“Provisioning Durable Storage with EBS and S3”


“Leveraging SQS for Scalable Processing”


“Adding EC2 Virtual Machines”


Research CenturyLink®, Microsoft Azure™, Google, and Amazon Web Services, and createa 6- to 8-slide PowerPoint® presentation highlighting the following:




Advantages and disadvantages each cloud services provider has over the other vendors


The top three cloud services provided by each vendor


Security and U.S Government accreditations each vendor possesses


Your opinion (using bulleted statements) on which vendor has the overall best suite of cloud services and products. Explain, defend, and justify your answer


In addition to submitting the presentation using the Assignment Files tab, take a screenshot of your created OneDrive® cloud storage system and submit with the assignment.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.


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