Scissors is a collaboration among two amazing artists: writer, Q'ayyim Mckoy and living legend, James E. Clark.

Two very close friends, Salomea and Lale, travels to a mountain hilltop to recall the wonderful moments in their relationship. The story reveals Salomea and Lale's sexuality, their unbroken bond and innocent love for one another.


Special Message:
Wonderful Day, beautiful people!

From a creative standpoint, I created Scissors, as a story that revealed the close relationship between, Salomea and Lale, a lesbian couple who travels to a mountain hilltop to recall the wonderful moments in their relationship. I was inspired to tell this compelling story about two friends who encourage each other to be better and together blossom into two beautiful individuals. Salomea'Salome (*meaning, peace) has a caring and loving spirit. Lale (*meaning, Tulip) is delicate, divine, and very sweet/innocent like a French Tulip (*one of my favorite types of flowers).

I personally, I am not gay but I thought of writing this story after seeing so many LGBT-related hate crimes committed in just the United States alone. Unfortunately, the (*most impactful one, I personally felt) was the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. The shooting happened not too far from my school I attended Full Sail University. As I saw the news reports, I could only think about my friends (*some who are happily gay) and prayed they weren't among the innocent lives taken that day (*Prayers to all that lost family members/friends that night). I never felt so heartbroken and scared for the well-being of a community of (*loving, peaceful, and courageous) people in my life.

So, in that moment I initially wrote the outline for the Scissors story. The scissors represent the pain and tears of the families affected by the Pulse shooting and the innocent lives taken that day. But the scissors also represent the healing factor of a beautiful relationship being meticulously crafted together as in Salomea and Lale's.

After I graduated I made it my goal to create this story and now I am and it's turning out beautifully. Overall, the story is dedicated to the wonderful individuals from the LGBT community. Thanks for all the love and support. You guys are awesome!

- Love always,
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