Phase 1 Assignment Solution

Phase 1 Assignment Instructions
To accomplish the task of developing your Survey class from your designed UML Class Diagram, you will need to implement the following variables and methods:
• Static class variable for the respondentID
• Instance variable for the Survey title
• Two overloaded constructors
• generateRespondentID() method.
The requirements and use for each of these members are described in the Discussion Board for this phase.
Create a test class that tests your survey class. This should test all of the members added to this point in any way that you desire, as long as it is proven that they function as required.
Submit your Design Document and your zipped NetBeans project.
My UML Diagram (I do not know if it is correct)

-respondentID: int
-surveyName: String
+<(in.newName: String)
+setrespondentID (int): void
+generateRespondentID(): int

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