Stock Traders Almanac 2016

The most trusted name in historical data, updated for 2016 Stock Trader's Almanac 2016
is the latest update to the indispensible trader's and investor's
resource. Trusted by Barron's, The Wall Street Journal, the New York
Times, and other well-regarded media outlets, this compendium of
historical stock market data provides critical information you can't get
anywhere else. New information includes the latest patterns,
seasonalities, trends, and cycles, based on some of the most trusted
data in the industry. You get access to the Hirsch Organization's Best
Six Months Switching Strategy, the renowned January Barometer, and
Presidential Election Year Cycles and Perspectives, for a wealth of
historical patterns widely followed by savvy investors. Organized in a
calendar format, this guide provides monthly and daily reminders, plus
invaluable alerts to risks and opportunities throughout the year to help
you reach your full investment potential. For fifty years, thousands of market professionals have turned to the Stock Trader's Almanac
for the data they need to get an edge on the market. Whether you rely
on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a mix of the two,
historical data is vital—and it doesn't get any better than the sterling
data found in this guide.
  • Get the latest trends, patterns, cycles, and more
  • Forecast trends with accuracy and confidence
  • Work from the cleanest data in the business
  • Discover seasonal opportunities and dangers
patterns have a tendency to repeat, as proven over and over again.
Having a cache of historical data at your fingertips is like having a
window to the future of the market—you would be crazy not to use it to
your advantage. Stock Trader's Almanac 2016 is your data cache, with expert strategy and insight for better trading decisions.
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