Blush Preset 🍡

Blush preset is something special. Hand-crafted over a period of over six months, blush is a unique preset that gives your Instagram (and Facebook!) feed a cohesive feel. Equal parts influencer-vibe and brightening, warming, with a subtle blush undertone, it enhances any picture.

  • Blush preset is less of a one-tap preset than others. Because of the varying nature of photos, minor adjustments may be needed. Most often, this is to the warmth of the photo (Temperature slider in Lightroom), and to the overall exposure (Exposure slider in Lightroom). 
  • It works best on mid-range exposures. Nothing too blown out (too light), nothing too dark (night shots are not advised).
  • Apply the preset, then head to the Light and Color sections within the Lightroom app to adjust to your liking.