MG 370 Management Information Systems Research Project


Complete the case questions listed below. Be thorough in your responses to each question. Download the required project template from this link.

For this assignment, there is no need to include a letter of transmittal, title page and table of content pages as the assignment template header will substitute for those items for this assignment. Place all content citations at the end of your document. Pay careful attention to documentation of external sources to avoid loss of assignment credit due to plagiarized content. Use the document formatting instructions in the following item to prepare and submit your research project to the Turnitin link following the preparation instructions.

  1. Read the Can Technology Save Sears? case study beginning on page 116 of the textbook. Answer case study questions 3-13, 3-14, 3-15 and 3-16 on page 118.

  2. Read the Walmart and Amazon Duke It Out for E-commerce Supremacy case study beginning on page 411 in the textbook. Answer case study questions 10-15, 10-16, 10-17 and 10-18 on page 413.

  3. Read the Crocs Clambers to Global Efficiency case study beginning on page 586 in the textbook. Answer case study questions 15-12, 15-13, 15-14 and 15-15 on page 589.

Retype each case study question using boldface type and follow each study question with your answer (not bolded). If a question has secondary questions (more that one part),begin the secondary question(s) as a separate bolded header

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