A-Level Sociology Teaching Resource Subscription

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Each month I'll be providing a miniumum of 10 hours/ lessons worth of resources relevant to the A-level sociology syllabus, according to the schedule below. 

Subscribe today and you'll recieve both the intro to sociology 10 lesson teaching bundle (retails for £19.99) and the education teaching bundle (retails for £6.99)

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- 10 detailed lesson plans with clear aims and objectives, lesson activities, assessment and extension details.
- 10 lessons worth of gapped resource packs for students. These will vary from 10 individual work packs for smaller content lessons to one 'mega work pack' if the topics take up 10 lessons.
- Power Points, assessment tasks and supplemntary activities to complement the above.
- Anything else I produce reelvant to A-level sociology depending on my mood! 

Subscribtion resource schedule for 2019-2021

  • October/November 2019: An introduction to A-level sociology (10 lessons)
  • December 2019: 10 crime and deviance lessons
  • January 2020: 10 ‘social theories’ lessons (the ‘theory’ bit of theory and methods)
  • February 2020: 8 revision lessons for SCLY1: education with theory and methods
  • March 2020: 8 revision lessons for SCLY2: families and households and beliefs
  • April 2020: 6 revision lessons for SCLY3: crime and deviance
  • May 2020: 10 summer lessons: deeper dives!
  • June 2020: 10 global development lessons
  • July 2020: updates to the 10 intro lessons in this bundle, and some new activities
  • August 2020: 10 education lessons
  • September 2020: 10 beliefs in society lessons
  • October 2020: 10 research methods lessons
  • November 2020: 10 families and households lessons
  • December 202: another 10 crime and deviance lessons.
I’ve set the publication schedule to be just ahead of when most teachers teach the corresponding topics and thrown in something a bit different over summer.  

Resources will be published on the 5th of each month.

I’ll publish the 2021 new resource/ update schedule in October 2020.

Why subscribe?

Win- win – you provided me with the regular income I need to produce these resources and you get 50% of the list-price of each 10-lesson bundle which will be £19.99.

NB Keep in mind what FANTASTIC VALUE this is. In 2007 I authored a Philip Allan ‘Religion resource pack' which consisted only of lesson plans and a few sheets of paper resources per lesson, and that sold for £89.99, 12 years ago!