Jungheinrich Electric StockPicker EKS 410 (from 12.2003) Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Jungheinrich Electric StockPicker EKS-Series.

Original factory manuals for Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
    EKS 410 (from 12.2003)

Language: English
Format: ZIP, Comntained Set of PDF Manuals:
1. Operating Instructions, PDF, 78 Pages
2. Service Manual, PDF, 657 Pages
        Chapter Overview
        1 Commissioning
        2 Operating Instructions
        3 Technical Description of Components
        4 Test and Setting Values
        5 Maintenance of Jungheinrich Products
        Judit Diagnostic Software
        7 Service Notes
        8 Ground Systems and Warehouse Zones
        9 Electrical wiring diagrams
        10 Hydraulic diagrams
        11 Service Manual Items
            Tilt safety device
            Sensor Bearing (1B5, 1B8) Disassembly/Assembly from Traction Motor (1M1)
            AC-3 Power Control
            Magnetic Brake Setting Instructions
            Vulkollan Wheel Wear Limits
            Load Chains (Cleaning, Inspection and Lubrication)
            Disassembly I Assembly of Sensor Bearing (2B3 12B12) from Hydraulic Motor (2M1)
            Instructions for the prevention of accidents and damage to equipment
            when performing servicing,checking and repair operations on
            fork lift trucks equipped with electronic assemblies
            Frequency Generator (DDS-Control) with DDS-Emergency Power Supply (optional)
            Wire guidance line driver with emergency power supply
            Instructions for the prevention of functional failurescleaning operations on
            fork lift truckand damage to equipment when performing
            Brake Delay (Table)
            Brake test via JUDIT
            Connector Layout (with AC 3 Power Control Combination Controller)
            Gear Oil Change
            Drive Wheel Disassembly/Assembly
            Rail Guidance Wheel Disassembly I Assembly including Bracket
            Nord-Lock lockwashers
            Operator Instructions for Handling / Checking the Rescue Equipment
            RG 16-E Rescue Belt
            Operator Instructions for Handling / Checking the Rescue Equipment
            Adjusting the Tension Spring Path on the Mast Cable
            Bleeding the Hydraulic Cylinders
            Adjusting the Clearance Height
            Measuring and Adjusting the Mast Tilt on the EFX 410/413
            Converting a Reach Potentiometer (8U29) to a Reach Angle Sensor (8U29)
            Converting a Traverse/Rotate Potentiometer (8U28)
            to aTraverse / Rotate Angle Sensor (8U28)
            User instruction guidelines
            Disassembly/Assembly of the Sensor Bearing (3B17) on the Steer Motor (3M1)
            Steering Actual Value Transmitter 3U9 Disassembly / Assembly and Adjustment
            Converting a Steer Potentiometer (3U9) to a Steer Angle Sensor (3U9)
            RSC28 MH Angle Sensor
            Electronic Lock / Operator-Specific Settings
            Wire guidance commissioning
            Wire guidance - test distance measurement and safety cutout (cutout limits)
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