Facebook Profile Video Thumbnails

What Does a Facebook profile video thumbnail look like?
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If your posting opportunities to various Facebook groups this video thumbnail will be on every post. This will distinguish your posts from all the others and generate you more sales. It's 2017 and its time to up your game.

The only way you can upload this file to your Facebook thumbnail is with your cellphone. Im going to email you, your logo video thumbnail when its done. Yes the file is small enough to be sent through email. Your going to access that email with your phone and download the file onto your phone. You will need the Facebook app on your phone. You will open the app. Go to your facebook profile. Click on the thumbnail and upload the video thumbnail

Let's get started

1. Watch the video above and pick the number of the style of video you want for your thumbnail 

2. Pick which logo you will want to use for your video thumbnail. I added my logos above to serve as an example.

3. Make your purchase above and a file with an email address will be downloaded to you. 

4. Send me an email with your logo attached to it.

5. You will receive your thumbnail in an hour or less but no later that 24 hours later. 

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