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HRM 300 Week 1 HR Roles Mind Map

Create a Mind Map or infographic that defines at least 7 to 10 characteristics and responsibilities of at least four potential roles of human resources representatives within an organization.

Select three of the HR roles and research potential job requirements for each.

Write a 350-word job description for each HR role that you have selected.

Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your Mind Map.





HRM 300 Week 2 Learning Team Charter


In this course, your team will work together to complete a few assignments. This chartering assignment is designed to help you apply your project management skills to understand the scope of your project, then break the project into goals, tasks, responsibilities, resources, and milestones. The assignment also asks you to discuss and answer some questions that will lay the foundation for developing your project.

Beyond the Standard Charter

You will notice that this chartering process goes beyond your standard University of Phoenix Charter by helping your team create a project plan for team success by providing you with opportunities to define your deliverables, recognize the connections between the deliverables and other classroom activities, determine your timelines and milestones, identify each team member’s expected contribution, and answer questions that lay the foundation for building your projects.

Putting “I” in “Team”

Important to note is the section for defining learning team expectations related to participation, collaboration, communication, team contributions, assignment deadlines, and other considerations. Please take the time to discuss and document how your team will address each area and any challenges that may arise.  It is important to understand that we are “Putting ‘I’ in ‘Team'”. In short, we will recognize and reward individuals according to their contributions to team output, not according to their team membership. This means that individual grades may be different from the team grade depending on each individual’s contribution to each team deliverable.

Completing this Assignment

To complete this assignment, do the following:




Review the Charter and Project plan.


Review the weekly Learning Team deliverables.


Complete the provided Learning Team Charter and Project Plan, including the following: team member contact information, project by week, learning team expectations, team discussion questions.


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.





HRM 300 Week 2 HR Case Study Scenarios

View each of the HR Case Study Scenarios.

Answer the corresponding questions on the HR Case Study Scenario Worksheet.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your Worksheet.

Case Study Scenarios Worksheet



Answer the following for the corresponding Case Study Scenario.  Each scenario should be answered in a total of 175 words.


Scenario 1: Staffing Management





















Determine a recruitment method and sources would you use and explain your decision.






















Assess what type of interview would work best when hiring someone in an entrepreneurial environment.






















Determine whether or not you would use selection tests.



Scenario 2: Training and Development





















Choose training and/or development programs to implement in order to keep operations employees loyal to the organization.




























Evaluate the training methods you would use.



Scenario 3: Employee Relations





















Assess the discipline steps to take.  Determine how you would apply positive discipline.





















Determine the just-cause standards you should verify before termination.


Scenario 4: Workplace Health and Safety





















Assess the benefits of a wellness program.





















Summarize the components you would include in the wellness program.



Scenario 5: Labor Relations/Unionization





















Describe the process employees need to take in order to unionize.





















Explain the rights of employees.





















Assess what an employer can legally do to prevent unionization.



Scenario 6: Motivation





















Explain two motivational theories.





















Determine which theory would work best in this scenario to help motivate employees.





HRM 300 Week 3 New Hire Acceptance Letter

Review the Maintenance Technician/Janitor resumes.

Select as a team, the best candidate for the job.

Create a 525- to 700-word new hire acceptance letter to send to the candidate.

Outline the following in your letter:






Title, annualized pay, start date, and time


Working hours


Benefits summary and start dates of benefits


Time off


At will statement




Signature of new hire


Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your letter.





HRM 300 Week 3 Interview Simulation Review

Review the Candidate Interview video, the Maintenance Technician/Janitor job advertisement and the Maintenance Technician/Janitor job description, along with the three candidate resumes.

Compare each candidate in a total of 700 to 1,050 words and include the following:




Assess the resumes of each interview candidate.


Utilize appropriate selection techniques to evaluate and hire the best candidate for the job.


Include an analysis of each candidate and defend your choice.


Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your simulation review.





HRM 300 Week 4 HR Ethics Scenarios

Review the HR Ethics Scenarios in the HR Ethics Scenarios Worksheet.

Complete the HR Ethics Scenarios Worksheet.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your responses.

HR Ethics Scenarios Worksheet



Answer the following questions for each corresponding scenario in no more than 350 words each.





The HR Director is having lunch outside the office. She hears a competitor talking about a significant change in their business that could affect the performance of her own firm.























What is HR’s ethical duty?






















Explain why this may fall under corporate responsibility and insider trading.






The head of HR refers a family member to a department head for consideration in an “unposted” job.






















What do you do?






















Explain this in the context of the corporate responsibility of conflict of interest.





You just started your new job as the Director of HR for a government contractor. After being there for a few weeks, you notice that employees are being periodically drug tested. However, the tests don’t appear random and tend to focus on one specific group.






















Why is it important to investigate and resolve the issue immediately?






















What should the investigation include?






















Does the Drug Free Workplace Act apply here?






The manager at one of your locations calls you and wants to terminate an employee for having religious quotes in his desk area. The area is located in the back room and no one but that person has access to the room.






















Do you make the person remove them?  Why or why not?





















Can the employee file a lawsuit under the Civil Rights Act, Title VII (1964)?  Why or why not?





















Explain why the manager might not have a case for making the employee take the quotes down.


HRM 300 Week 5 Salary Threshold Legislation Review

FLSA – On December 1st, the federal annual salary threshold for employees exempt form overtime pay will double, increasing from $47,476 from $23,660. Employees who make less than the threshold must be paid time-and-a-half for any hours worked beyond the 40-hour workweek.  Many employers will not be able to increase salaried employees’ pay to the new higher amount so those employees will become exempt.

Answer the following questions in a total of 525 to 700 words:




How can employers deal with employees that may feel hurt and underappreciated when they are switched to non-exempt.


What will the recruiting challenges be?


What will the work-life balance challenges be? (telecommuting, flexibility)


Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your response.




HRM 300 Week 5 Trends in HR Management Analysis

Analyze the following trends in HR over the last 10 years in 700 to 1,050 words:




Employee experience (culture, work-life), engagement


Data (tracking turnover, performance, attendance, etc.)


Performance – going away from ratings, social performance


Increased need for data and analytics tools


Five generations in the workplace (focus on millennials)


Summarize the impact of these trends in HR Management.

Cite outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your analysis.
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