346 : She loves to crank | Starring Miss Tiffany

Miss Tiffany is hanging around the car wreaking place. She found last time a very cute VW Golf which has to be destroyed. The car doesn't seem to work well, so she wants to check the engine. But she didn't have the right shoes to do it.

So this time she came back with two different pair of high heels, and she is determined to see what is the issue! What she didn't tell you is that she really loves to crank the engines and hear them pleading for some fuel to spark to life!

So she gets in the car, opens the hood and removes some wires to make the car not start at all. Then she goes back, and while looking at you with a sexy angel face, she turns the key and starts cranking hard that engine!

She alternates pumping the gas pedal to pushing and keeping it hard on the floor, so she can show you she has no respect of the engine itself, and that she is the boss of the car!

While the camera alternates a view from the drivers door and from the passenger seat, her looks will turn you up! If you love some good car cranking, this video is for you!
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