Hidden Wonders

Hidden Wonders


Santur, Strings, Tanpura, Percussion

Would you like to sample my wares? I specialize in non-djinn-infested housewares! Djinn-free spoons, Djinn-free curtains, Djinn-free spices, mostly Djinn-free oil lamps, Djinn-free flying carpets (still magic, but not Djinn powered). Come on in to Gazeem's Discount mostly-Djinn-free Housewares Tent! You won't be disappointed... unless you want a Djinn, then go see Maghrib.

This download includes the following files:

Hidden Wonders - Drums.wav

Hidden Wonders - Percussion.wav

Hidden Wonders - Santur.wav

Hidden Wonders - Strings.wav

Hidden Wonders - Tanpura.wav

Hidden Wonders.wav

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