MGT 401 Week 1 Class Activity

As a pharmacist I have and currently work for the Walgreens Co. for about 12 years. Over my tenure I have observed many aspects of the Walgreens Co. both as an employee and as customer. Because of my long tenure I had a great opportunity to analyze Walgreens from a business standpoint as I progress through my education at the University. Like all companies a SWOT analysis can be applied to Walgreens.
Some of Walgreens strengths include its long history, experience, and use of technology. Walgreens was founded back in 1901 that gives Walgreens over 100 years! of experience and knowledge in retail pharmacy. One might say they practically started retail pharmacy and made it what it is today. With history comes experience, experience in how to manage, and adjust to changes within the industry. Walgreens is practically the most experienced retail pharmacy establishment in America. Another strength is Walgreens' use of technology. As a pioneer in technological innovation in retail pharmacy, Walgreens has lead the way in integrating new technology into the delivery of pharmaceutical services to the public.
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