Farm Table Woodworking Plans

One of the most satisfying pieces of furniture that I've made was building a table for my wife and I. In making sets of furniture plans I hope to help others experience this same joy. I have made countless tables for customers as well and it is an honor to know so many families share meals on a piece of furniture that I crafted. This table has been my most popular design by far and offering this set of plans the single most common request on my YouTube channel. The dimensions can easily be altered to be longer, wider or taller depending on the space it will be in. The lumber and color are just as easily substituted with the wood of your choice and the color that best suits your taste. This is an intermediate level project that will require a variety of tools. The best way to see if it's a project that you can take on is to watch the video of it being made. Thank you so much for having a look. Enjoy!
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