Acc102 Principles of Managerial Accounting: Final Project - Sam's Supply Company

Acc102 Principles of Managerial Accounting
Final Project (Version 1)

4. Standard cost system labor variance (25 points)
The following computations of March labor variances for Sam's Supply Company are incomplete. The missing items are labeled (a) through (d).
Labor rate variance = 4,800 hours [(a) - $8.50] = $350 favorable
Labor efficiency variance = (b) [(c) - 5,000 hours] = $(d)

On the appropriately labeled line, identify each missing item by name (a through c) and show the missing value (a through d). Show supporting computations in the space provided.
(a) _________________________ $_______________
(b) _________________________ $_______________
(c) _________________________ ____________________ hours
(d) $______________ F or U [Choose the correct term.]
(e) During March, the supervisor left for vacation without arranging for a replacement. Which variances would have been most affected by this situation? _________________________
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