ARTS 100 Week 4 Symbolism in Theatre and Cinema

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ARTS 100 Week 4 Symbolism in Theatre and Cinema

Complete one of the following options for your Week 4


Land Shark

When is a shark just a shark? Consider the movie Jaws. What could
the shark symbolize in our culture, society, or collective human mythology
other than a man-eating fish? Why? Support your answer.

Next, think about a theatrical staging of Jaws. Describe
the artistic choices you would make to bring Jaws, the movie, to Broadway. What
genre would you choose? Describe at least three other elements of production
and how you would approach them in your staging of Jaws as a stage play or

Submit your assignment in one
of the following formats using the Assignment Files tab:

  • A 700- to
    1,050-word paper

  • Apply appropriate APA formatting.



Film Review

Imagine you are a critic, and write a
700- to 1050-word review of one movie you have recently viewed. Include
discussion of the following in your film review:

  • The literal
    and symbolic elements in the film

  • The choices
    made by those involved in the film, such as the director, actors,
    production and costume designers, and how they contributed to the film

Apply appropriate APA formatting.

Submit your assignment using
the Assignment Files tab.
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