SKY BLUE LUT Pack for Film Makers/Beginners - Bounce Color

Bounce Color is founded by passionate and professional Film Makers, based in the UK. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we feel that we really want to help benefit you, to help make your videos look as professional and colorful as high end productions, with a simple easy to use file which requires no experience.

  • Instant Download

  • Easy to Import

  • Works on listed Editing Programs below

  • For Beginners and Professionals

  • For use with Sony SLOG2/3 (any other cameras too using adjustments)

It’s as simple as importing the LUT filter into your editing program using an in-built preset, place it onto your video clip and that’s it! This can be used on nearly every editing program out there including - Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Photoshop, Da Vinci, Speedgrade, Sony Vegas 13+ and more. The SKY BLUE filter was created for SLOG 2/3 in Sony Cameras. If the LUT doesn’t fully achieve the desired look, you can use the built-in customization controls to adjust the strength, contrast, brightness and saturation of your image. There is an instruction manual included within the RAR file so if you don’t know how to import the filter, the instructions will show you how. Thank you for supporting! We will be releasing new presets soon so be sure to follow us and look out for more!

Package Contents -
2 x Color LUT's, one is desaturated and one is normal.

Listed Programs -
Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Final Cut X, Da Vinci Resolve, Photoshop, Speedgrade, AVID, Sony Vegas 13+. Any software that supports LUT.

If you require any more information, please contact us at - [email protected]
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