Komatsu Wheel Loader WA70-5 sn: H50051 and up Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Komatsu Wheel Loader WA70. 
Original factory manuals for Komatsu Loaders, Dozers, Excavators contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, contains Searchable Text and Navigation Bookmarks
Covered models:
    WA70-5 sn: H50051 and up
Format: PDF, 253 Pages
Language: English
    1.  Introduction
        1.1.  Foreword
        1.2.  Safety information
        1.3.  Introduction
        1.4.  Location of plates
        1.5.  Dimensions, weights and operating data
        1.6.  CE-conforming equipment
        1.7.  Loading and securing
    2.  Safety
    3.  Operation
        3.1.  General view
        3.2.  Description of the individual elements
        3.3.  Operation
        3.4.  Transporting the machine
        3.5.  Cold weather operation
        3.6.  Long-term storage
    4.  Troubleshooting
        4.1.  Towing the machine
        4.2.  Starting the engine with a booster cable
        4.3.  For insufficient braking effect
        4.4.  Emergency steering properties
        4.5.  Emergency lowering
        4.6.  Other troubles
    5.  Maintenance
        5.1.  Maintenance guide
        5.2.  Maintenance basics
        5.3.  Lubricants, fuels and filling capacities
        5.4.  Tools and standard tightening torques (bolts, nuts)
        5.5.  Periodical replacement of safety-critical parts
        5.6.  Maintenance schedule chart
        5.7.  Service procedure
    6.  Technical data
        6.1.  Technical data
        6.2.  Noise emission levels
        6.3.  Vibration level
        6.4.  Limit values for slopes
    7.  Special equipment and attachments
    8.  Index
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