HRM 323 Week 4 DQ 1

One example of a situation that can benefit in conflict resolution by identifying problem ownership is when a colleague would help herself to my lunch. This colleague did not bring lunch or snacks to get her through the day. She would sit in the atrium during lunch time and would eat off my lunch. This was bothersome to me because I only packed enough lunch for me. It turned out that I only ate half a lunch and that I was still hungry. Sometimes I would have leftover from the night before, so I would bring a little extra to share. At times, this colleague would buy lunch for me as a "pay back". She would always mentioned how she cooked great meals for her family during the week and weekends and never thought to bring in any to share. So I realized that I was the one who had the problem with it, so I talked to her and let her know how I felt.
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