COM150 Week 2 Assignment Grammar Exercise 1

Resource: Center for Writing Excellence (CWE)
Log on to your student website.
Review and navigate through the CWE website:
• Click the Library tab at the top of the web page.
• Click the Center for Writing Excellence.
• Navigate to the left side of the screen, on which Writing Resources is located.
• Click Tutorials and Guides.
• Click Grammar and Writing Guides under Grammar Tutorials.
• Click Grammar Mechanics under Grammar and Writing Guides.
Complete the following skill-and-drill quizzes from the category. Ensure that you review the definition and rules for each topic:
• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Verbs
• Irregular Verbs (no quiz)
• Be vs. Have
Submit a screen shot of your results page:
• Press Alt + Print Screen on your computer keyboard to create a screenshot.
• Open a blank Microsoft® Word document.
• Press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the screenshot into the document.
On the subject line, provide the exercise you are posting, for example, Subject-Verb Agreement.
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