Resolve V6 Lightroom - RELEASE 6.0.1

After the release of V5 got so much support, and was used by popular intro makers, even BRAZ at one point, I took feedback from all of my supporters and customers and decided to completely remake my lightroom, featuring some remade presets and some never seen before, in order to create (what I hope to be) the ultimate Cinema4D Lightroom. This took about 6 months in total from start to finish, many different remakes and tests, before I came to the final version. I hope you enjoy :)

Version 6.0.1 contains:

  • No Global Illumination

  • Remade Userdata Interface, sun controller, etc. 

  • Auto-adjusting shadows that are physically accurate

  • Render settings for all PC types

  • 10 Presets + Customizable Lightroom

  • Automatic Sky Rotation

  • Sky Flare option

  • Sun Rays option

  • Ground Fog toggle with new controllers

  • MC Cloud toggle with height option

  • Fixed Night Fog

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