096 : Miss Iris cranks and revs the moped Garelli

As Iris appears, you can see her amazing outfit, while she walks firmly to the Garelli moped.

This time no heels, sometimes even her feet should have a rest... She immediately kick-starts it, but after a few seconds you see that she is totally unaware of what is going on..."Oh c'mon, it's a moped, you kick and *magic* and then it starts! Isn't that correct? Why this thing doesn't start at all?" she thinks.

Well...it SHOULD be like that. But this is not the case. Hehehe.

From now on we have a lot of scenes with Iris trying desperately to start that little engine, but without success. With or without shoes, using the left or the right foot, nothing.

But then something happens: the moped starts to give signs of life! It starts and she has such a smiley face, but after a couple of seconds it stalls. Isn't the engine having fun of her? She feels so irritated now.

At a certain point, maybe because the moped has decided that it played with her too much, it starts! Immediately she revs it, abusing the poor engine as she dominates it. You see the whole sexy body of Iris alternating with a close-up view of her hand accelerating. Isn't this the best revving you have ever seen?

At the end she can finally drive away and sadly the video ends...

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Release date September 26, 2015
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