Kat's Hair Conditioning with Purple Foils and Roller Set - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Kat stops by Carmen's Hair Salon for a hair conditioning treatment. Carmen capes Kat with a nylon yellow cape, removes the flower from Kat's hair, and massages hair conditioning treatment throughout Kat's hair and on her head. After awhile, Carmen runs a comb through Kat's hair, sectioning it off for purple foils. When the foils are all in place, the yellow cape is taken off and Kat relaxes under the dryer for 28 minutes. The yellow cape is wrapped around Kat's neck once more and she is seated at the shampoo bowl for a rinse. A towel is placed on her shoulders and secured in front. The foils are removed one by one and dropped into the shampoo bowl. Once done, Kat sits in the salon hair, for what she thinks is just a comb and style. Surprise! Carmen has other plans for Kat. Since Kat is going out that night, Carmen surprises Kat by putting rollers in her hair. When Kat's head is filled with colorful rollers, Carmen covers them with a pink hair net, and has Kat sit under the Bonat chair hair dryer. While sitting under the dryer for 38 minutes, Kat checks her iPhone and paints her fingernails red. She also pages through a magazine as well. Soon it is time for the rollers to come out, but not until a pink comb out cape is draped on Kat first. Carmen pulls out the rollers and brushes Kat's blond hair into a beautiful vintage style. Duration 2 hours 40 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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