Acc107 College Accounting: Week 3 Assignment (see details below)

Acc107 College Accounting
Week 3 Assignment

Your week three assignment includes problems from Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of the text and Chapter 1 of QuickBooks. The instructions for completing the textbook assignment are provided here first. The instructions for your QuickBooks assignment follows at the bottom of this page. Before you begin working on the assignment from the text, I suggest that you create a folder for all of your Accounting I assignments in the Documents folder. You might want to name this folder "Accounting I".
Chapter 1 Assignment – True/False (QuickBooks Pro 2010)
Chapter 5 and 6 – Definition of terms
Chapter 5 Adjusting entries
Chapter 5 General Journal and Worksheet
Chapter 6 Financial Statements
Chapter 6 Closing Entries
Chapter 6 GL & Post-Closing Trial Balance
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