GEN 200 Week 5 Career Interests and Market Research

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 GEN 200 Week 5 Career Interests and Market Research

Refer to the Career Interest Assessment available through the ‘Careers’ tab on your student website.

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Careers Interests and Market Research Worksheet.

Submit your paper by clicking the Assignment Files tab above.

Career Interests and Market Research Worksheet


Complete the Career Interest Profiler activity on the Phoenix Career Services website. To access the interest profiler, click on Set Your Goals. Then, complete step 1.2. At the end of Step 1.2, Click Go to the Career Exploration tool to access the career interest profiler.

Select two careers you are interested in based on the results of the Career Interest Profiler.

Conduct labor market research on the two careers, and fill in the following table regarding the research you conducted.















































































Career 1
Career 2
What is the career?
What interests you about this career?
Is there a hiring demand?
What are the educational requirements?
What are the experience requirements?
What are the skill requirements?


Based on your research, which career path would you prefer to pursue? Wh
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