Assignment on Dewey Decimal Classification Solution

Assignment on Dewey Decimal Classification Solution

Assignment on Dewey Decimal Classification - Answers



Part One:  Using the Relative Index (not the Relative Index KWIC), give the probable classification numbers for the following subjects.  The Relative Index is found in vol. 4 of the Print Dewey.


Example:  Law regarding loans - browse under loans.  You get a list of various aspects of loans, including loans -- law.  The number is 346.073, which would be your answer.


Photosensitive plates in photography
2.  Cooking of salmon


3.  Forest fires


4.  Optical digital discs


5.  Smoking and personal health


6.  Dog sled racing


7.  Adolescent literature


8.  Architecture


9.  Oriental architecture


10. Motion picture directors


Part Two:


Using Table 1 and the schedules, create numbers for the following subjects.


Example:  Dictionary of biological terms.  Browse the relative index for dictionaries.  You find an entry that says T1 - 03, meaning that dictionaries are 03 in table 1 of standard subdivisions.  Browse the relative index for biology.  You are given 570.  Click on it.  You will see that standard subdivisions drop the leading 0 and the number would be 570.3.


11.  Encyclopedia of chemistry


12.  Workbooks in arithmetic


Using Table 2 and the schedule, create numbers for the following subjects.


Example:  History of El Paso County, Texas.  Browse the relative index for El Paso County.  There are two El Paso Counties listed.  Choose the one in Texas.  The entry given is T2 -- 76496.  The number for history of a given region is formed by adding 9 in front of the table 2 number.  So the number for history of El Paso County, Texas is 976.496.


13.  History of Lamar County, Mississippi


14.  Libraries in Texas


Part Three:


Using the schedules, give the numbers for the following subjects.  Also give the hierarchy for that number down from the main class level. (see example) If a semented number is given in the box at the top of the page in WebDewey, list that.  A segmented number is a shorter number that can be used in smaller libraries.  In the print Dewey, a segmented number will be indicated by spaces in the number.  For example, the number for hunting with guns is listed as 799.202 83.  This means that the number can be truncated to 799.202.  If the entire number is used, no space will be present in the actual call number on the item.


Example:  Commercial preservation of fruits.  Browse in the relative index for fruits.  Under that will be listed fruits -- commercial preservation.  Click on the number given which is 664.8.  If you click on that, you get the following table:   600  Technology; 660 Chemical engineering; 664 Food technology; 664.8 Fruits and vegetables.  If you are using the print version of Dewey, you will have to trace the hierarchy for yourself.


15.  Endangered species


16.  Infantry


17.  Gospel of Mark


18.  Home sewing of women's clothing


19.  Hovercraft


20.  Ballet productions


21.  Synchronized swimming


22.  History of the administration of John F. Kennedy  




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