Samsung Galaxy S9 screen mockups for Photoshop

Samsung Galaxy S9 photoshop mockup templates

Do you need to visualize your new android app?
Do you want to promote your mobile website?
Can't use Samsung's official photos?

Then this set of photoshop mockups is just the thing for you!

This mockups-set consists of clean renders as well as in-hand shots showing the Samsung Galaxy S9 in usage.

In some cases the mockup is on a transparent background with transparent shadows to make it even easier to montage these mockups in an image/backgrop of your own choosing!

Each photoshop file has clearly labeled layers including one layer in which you can easily drop your screen artwork (see notes below).


  • 14x layered .PSD photoshop files for Adobe Photoshop CS6 (and newer)

  • Resolution of the clean renders: 5000pixels x 2812 pixels

  • Resolution of the in-hand images varies with each image.

  • Royalty free, free for commercial usage and no attributions needed!

How to add your own screen:

  1. open one of the mockup files in photoshop - it will open in a new window (A)

  2. double click on the layer "< CLICK HERE"

  3. a new window (B) will open showing the screen

  4. paste your own screen into this window (B)

  5. make sure the artwork fits in both X and Y directions (you may need to scale or stretch your image)

  6. close this window (B)

  7. the image of the mockup (A) will be updated showing your own screen in the correct position

  8. save-as this file under a new filename.

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