Lobby Time

Lobby Time

Vibes, Piano, Bass, Drums

128 BPM

Welcome to the lobby of the FUTURE! Luxurious automatic ashtrays, and modern green vinyl furnishings set off the shag carpeted walls. Enjoy a Rusty Nail from our cheerful bar staff (with a complimentary cheese and fruit plate before 5pm). We feature prime rib dinners every day that ends in a "y"! Remember to tip the bellhops at least 5 cents per bag. Enjoy your stay! This was written 2 years before it was published, because I didn't have a good enough upright bass sample to make it go.

This download includes the following files:

Lobby Time - Alternate Bass.wav

Lobby Time - Alternate Piano.wav

Lobby Time - Bass.wav

Lobby Time - Drums.wav

Lobby Time - No Vibes Mix.wav

Lobby Time - Piano.wav

Lobby Time - Vibes.wav

Lobby Time - Full Mix.wav

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