Salty Ditty

Salty Ditty

Synths, Percussion

90 BPM

Avast ye maties! All your boat are belong to us! Super chipper piratey-like 8bit tune. I mean, it could be used for non-nautical things, but the audience will probably be all like "Hey! Why is there an 8-bit pirate shanty going on here!?" Perfectly loopable for all your casual seafaring games. Or game reviews. Or actual voyages. Or voyage reviews.

This download includes the following files:

Salty Ditty - Bass.wav

Salty Ditty - Chords.wav

Salty Ditty - Harmony.wav

Salty Ditty - Melody.wav

Salty Ditty - Percussion.wav

Salty Ditty - Full Mix.wav

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ISRC: USUAN1600053
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