| Cobalt Lightroom | $3 | Check desc. for license

The public lightroom  license will be " ktjij ". Have fun!

This lightroom is one of the finest lightrooms you will find.

This lightroom includes:
19 Presets;
-Blue Monkey
-Morning [COBALTED]
-Afternoon [COBALTED]
-Sunset [COBALTED]

Cobalt also uses user friendly userdata!
Cobalt has extra assets that include;
-Wind tags for Grass, Tree Leaves & water.
-Camera following character glow.
-Ground fog
-Volumetric fog
-Scene volumetrics
-Custom cloud import
-Toggle clouds [Cube/Rounded]
All in which have customizable settings
to get your look!

The free DEMO includes:
3 presets;
-Blue monkey
-Toggle clouds [Cube]

Thanks OliviaEdits for making the promo!
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