Jeanette's Mohawk Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Jeanette has 45" of long brunette hair. She had been growing out her long hair for years, but she wants to try something that she's had before...a 10" mohawk with shaved sides. We first see Jeanette sitting in the studio, talking about her hair and her hair experiences. After awhile, we next see Jeanette sitting in the vintage 1920's barber chair. The stylist, James William, draping a pearlized pink cape over her and wrapping a neck strip around her neck. Soon a towel follows, being placed around her shoulders before Jeanette is reclined back into the shampoo bowl. Her long hair is shampooed and rinsed. After a brief towel drying, her hair is combed and sectioned off into four ponytails on the right side of her head. These are clippered off with pink Oster clippers. After a couple of ponytails are clippered off, we see Jeanette outside having a ponytail tightened. (The power had shut off, so we all had to relocate outside). Outside, James uses a vintage manual hand clippers to cut off a ponytail and to clean that freshly cut area up. Another four ponytails are created and the manual clippers and scissors shear them off. A battery operated, portable clippers cleans up the left over stubble. After the last of the hair is combed out, and put in a ponytail, making sure that there is 10" of hair above the rubber band, and then it's cut off with a scissors. The remaining hair is French braided into a mohawk. The lather razor shave is done in the bathroom. A double-sided razor shaves Jeanette's sides smooth. Once done, Jeanette sees her new look for the first time. She takes her braid out to have her hair cover her head and then puts her hair into a ponytail. Jeanette likes her new look, even though it's shorter than she expected. The audio outside is too noisy to hear the conversations. Duration 106, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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