2017-27 Gabriela

Bra strap long curls to short haircut

Gabriela has long very thick curls and they are very unconfortable and unpractical for her and for her work. She is used to wear her long hair mostly in ponytail because when it's loose it is always in her way. And this thick mane is very annoying in hot weather recently. So she wants just one thing - get rid of her thick long curls and go for a short haircut. She had crewcut many years ago so there is no a bit regret just big relief when big pile of curls is accumulating on the floor.


  • Hair at the beginning: Bra strap long dark curls

  • Hair at the end: Short haircut

  • Location: Salon

  • Hairdresser: Female

  • Process: Cutting dry hair by scissors and clippers, shampoo, cutting wet hair, drying, styling

  • Interview with model: At the beginning and at the end

  • English subtitles: It'll be in future if sales meets cost

  • Camera: Active

  • Format: Full HD 1920 x 1080, 25 fps, .mkv

  • Size: 1,56 GB

  • Runtime: 01:16:45

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