Lulu & Mischka Songbook with chords

Lulu & Mischka have released their first songbook, sharing the lyrics as well as chords for guitar and harmonium for 9 of theit chants and heart songs.
With the exceptionally beautiful earth art of Devani Cadden, this ebook is an absolute stunning eye catcher and provides you with all you need to learn all songs of L&M's 3rd album Enchanted + 2 more songs from Hearts Wide Open.
All you need to know is some chords on either guitar or harmonium and off you go.
The intention behind the book is to spread these mantras and heart songs to let hugher vibrations ripple out more and more. Lulu & Mischka hope these songs will bring you equally as much joy as they are for them.
Songs in the book include:
New Day's Dawn
Om Shree Sache
Jaya Ganesha
Infinite Shiva
This Is How We Pray
Warriors Of Light
Stillness In Motion
Prabhu Aap Jago
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