Pig Latin Translator Solution.ZIP

Pig Latin Translator Solution

Create a form that allows a user to enter a sentence. That sentence is then translated to Pig Latin.

To translate to Pig Latin, move the first letter of the word to the end then add ay to the end 

Create a method to translate a word and return the translated word

Split the sentence by spaces using the Split method

Each word will go into an array

Go through the array and send each word to a method to be translated

Add each word to the text box to display the results 

Result text box should be read only

After clicking Translate button, entry text box should clear

Include comments

Comment variables ( i.e. variables used to collect input, variables used in calculations, putting input into variables, methods, etc.) 

Comment calculation sections 

Comment putting data into variables from form and vice versa 

Comment all functions and methods
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