'Surrender' - Project File

-My Biggest Project-
2 Minutes AMV!
All Overlays Included.
Learn how to:

- Make complexed 3D compositions
- Work with Element 3D
- Control camera movement
- Control graph editor
- Use C4D with AE
- Properly connecting your scenes
- Use my Overlays( all of them included)
- Motion tracking with camera
- Realistic Typography movement
- Flow smoothly with fast paced action
- Use all the FX that are inside the project
- Creating all the backgrounds
- How to create appealing typography
- All my settings with multiple FX & more...
- Audio file included

After your purchase I'll appreciate your feedback; for any question or request you can message me through my YouTube or Instagram :)

* This Rar contains a 'Read Me' file with a full Plug-In information and tips!
* This project file was made with After Effects CC 2015.

Boost your action and Enjoy!
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