china market mess.DOCX

china market mess

Choose an article from one of the sources listed below:

·         Harvard Business Review

·         Sloan Management Review

·         The London Times

·         The Economist

·         Business Week

·         Fortune

·         Any international management journal

Provide an article review based on the following parameters:

·         Article must be recent (no older than 60 days) and feature international management concepts with depth and clarity

·         Demonstrate the article's relationship to course materials

·         In-depth coverage of article must be broken into three sections titled – Assessment of the Article, Relation to This Week’s Learning, and My Opinion of the Article

·         Must be clearly written with proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and adherence to APA format

·         1½ to 2 pages (not including the required cover page and reference page)

·         Upload your article review to the digital drop box for Week 1
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