Yelp Service/Platform Analysis

You have to write 4 pages paper to analysis the content guidelines (including additional guidelines) of You can find them on the website, and also I will provide them as the additional material. Your language must be clear enough, need to use the common words, and do not use the complicated sentence. According to the Yelp Content Guidelines, you have to answer those three questions.
1)Why do Internet services and platforms have content guidelines?

2)Main part of the assignment! Use the clear language to express your idea. You may need use examples as the part of your explanations follow by your each point. As you evaluate your service’s or platform’s content guidelines, what do you think of the language? Clear? Not clear? Somewhere in between? To the extent certain terms are unclear, identify those terms and explain why they’re unclear. It might be helpful to think of yourself as a content moderator responsible for applying the guidelines.

3) Drawing from democratic principles and theories, explain whether the guidelines you evaluated would have the tendency to limit or enhance a user’s expressive freedom on your service or platform. Write your opinion about the content guidelines you are analyzed. Is it necessary and useful for content creators? You have to cite at least two the theories or ideas from the "Digital Speech & Democratic Culture: A Theory of Freedom of Expression for the Information Society," by Jack Balkin. I will provide them as the additional material as well.
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