Dreamy Sunlight Lightroom Presets

What you'll receive:

A zip file containing 3 lightroom presets file. (.lrtemplates)

  •  Dreamy Sunlight (Standard)

  •  Dreamy Sunlight (Mellow)

  •  Dreamy Sunlight (Harsh)

These presets are crafted to overlay a warm and dreamy sunlight on top of your photo. It works especially well with underexposed photos to help enhance the colour tone. These presets not only look good on landscape photos, also portrait, low light photographs and street photography.

After applying the preset, you can move the sunlight to the desired point in the photo depending on the natural lighting of your photos.

All presets are non-destructive, meaning you can reset with just one click to the images original state, keeping your original RAW or JPEG files safe.

Requirements: ADOBE LIGHTROOM 4, 5, 6 & CC | RAW & Jpeg
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