create two XHTML web pages and a CSS file.ZIP

create two XHTML web pages and a CSS file

You will create two XHTML web pages and a CSS file from content borrowed from the World's Healthiest Food web site. Create the following files. · program1.html, the front home page for these two web pages · recipe.html, the second of two web pages containing a recipe for 15-Minute Halibut Salad · program1.css, the external style sheet for both pages program1.html The first part of your task is to create a front page for this web site, stored in a file named program1.html. · Your front page must contain a navigation bar which links to itself and to recipe.html file · The file must also be at least 20 lines long and must contain at least 4 different XHTML elements in its body · It must adhere to the CS 250 coding standards for HTML code, including header comment and metadata · It may not significantly borrow content from your recipe.html or other pages. The intent is for you to create content, not copy and paste. Be creative and fun! · Its overall look should be set by program1.css recipe.html · The second (and more substantial) part of the assignment is to create a specific web page describing a recipe · for 15-minute garbanzo bean salad. Unlike program1.html, this content and style of this page is rigidly specified · and must exactly match the appearance specified in this document. The text and images for this page may be copied from the recipe posted at the real web site: World's Healthiest Foods. Do not copy the HTML code. Specifications for the file recipe.html
The page's title text should be World's Healthiest Foods: 15-Minute Halibut Salad
The font families for the page text (in order of preference) are Georgia, Garamond, or any serif font available on the system at the default size
All headings (h1, h2, etc) and table captions on the page should use a foreground color of #A4A400 and a background color of #F0F0F0
The font families for headings and table captions are Century Gothic, Futura, Verdana, or any sans-serif font available on the system
The page's main headings (h1 and h2) should have their text aligned to the center of the page body
Other headings on the page are left-aligned
The table caption should appear with a bold font weight
Tables should use a background color of #CC9933 and a text color of #FFFFFF (white).
Use a top margin of 20 pixels to add vertical spacing before each table
Table headings should use a background color of #003366, a font color of #FFFFFF (white), a 2 pixel solid white border line, and a padding on all sides of 5 pixels
Table headers and data cells should use a 2 pixel solid white border line and a padding on all sides of 5 pixels
images - images may be downloaded directly from the World's Healthiest Foods site or downloaded from the links below:
foodchart.jpg and greekgarbonzosalad.jpg
Note: use a relative address for your img src attribute.
The top of the page has a navigation bar with two links. The "Home" link should link to your program1.html page, the recipe link should link to recipe.html Use relative URLs and assume both pages are contained in the same folder.
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