Saturday AM # 9


Check out the first details on the expanding FREE line of kick-ass daily manga! From Spoon and Storybook to the ALL-NEW Shapeshifters and Wanted Dead or Dead -- these amateur shonen are set to offer some wildly original fun action manga!

This issue also features the RETURN of FAN FAVORITE manga, BULLY EATER by Raymond Brown as well as new installments of Andrea Voros' SAIGAMIand (FINALE) of Saavedra and Garcia's ARROGANCE OF ATHENA!

The brilliant cover by RACE! ON!'s Gemar Delfino (with electrifying colors by Tony Saavedra) is just the perfect showcase for awesome action as well as incredible music as our interview with EHIOROBO IGIEHON.

So, what are you waiting for??

Get into the revolution NOW!
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