PHP Contact Form & Messages Module – Download Now!

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Features that you will enjoy.

  • Learn more techniques when coding with PHP, MySQL and OOP

  • Save your precious time coding and searching about how to do the features below.

  • PHP PDO and Prepared Statements

  • jQuery enabled

  • Bootstrap enabled

  • Font-awesome enabled

  • Buttons are displayed with appropriate icons


  • Name field

  • Email field

  • Subject field

  • Message field

  • Client side validation (HTML5)

  • Server side validation (PHP)

  • Display contact email from settings

  • Display contact number from settings

  • Display contact person from settings

  • Store customer message to database

  • Send message to contact email (email set in the settings)

  • Send confirmation email to customer

  • Sending email can work via localhost using the PhpMailer library


  • Uses htmlspecialchars($_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”]) for form action

  • Made sure $_SERVER[“REQUEST_METHOD”]==”POST”

  • Sanitize each submitted field with htmlspecialchars(), strip_tags() and trim() functions

  • Require value for each field

  • Show an error message under input fields if value is missing

  • Validate email address format

  • Keep values in the form if there are any error


  • List messages collected from customers using the contact form

  • Display name, subject, sent and action columns

  • Unread messages in white row background

  • Read messages in gray row background

  • Pagination of messages

  • Search messages by name, email, subject and message fields

  • Read a message

  • Delete a message


  • Setting for contact firstname

  • Setting for contact lastname

  • Setting for contact gender

  • Setting for contact email

  • Setting for contact number

  • Decide if you’ll show contact name

  • Decide if you’ll show email

  • Decide if you’ll show contact number


  • Login using email and password

  • Log out user

  • Hashed password stored in database

  • Logged-in user name display on the right side of navigation bar

  • Log-out button displayed on drop-down when user name was clicked

  • Messages can be read by logged-in admin.

  • Messages can be deleted by logged-in admin.


  • Free source code updates for 2 years

  • Free support for 6 months

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