Linked list ADT using actual pointers Solution

implement a linked list ADT using actual pointers. The purpose of this program is to :

A) Build 2 list (list_1 and List_2 ). Each list consist of 15 random integer numbers that are between 0 and 20 exclusive Display List_1 and List_2.

B) Creat new list ( List_3 ) that contain all elements of list_1 followed by all elements of list_2. Display list_3

C) Display the number of occurrences of the First element in List_3.

D) Creat a new list ( list_4) by removing all duplicate numbers that are in list_3. Display list_4.

E) Display number of elements in list_4.

F) Display list_4 backwards.

G) Move the last element in list_4 and places it in the 3rd element in the same list. Display list_4.

H) Sort list_4 in increasing order. Display list 4

repeat the procces A-H untill user terminates the program
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