CIS 517 Week 5 Midterm

Question 1 A(n) ____ is a formal group of people responsible for approving or rejecting changes to a project. Question 2 The project procurement management knowledge area maps to the ____ process group through the activity of administering procurements. Question 3 The first step in determining the NPV is to ____. Question 4 Some people say that ____ achieve the vision of a project. Question 5 4 out of 4 points A(n) ____ is a document that formally recognizes the existence of a project and provides direction on the project’s objectives and management. Question 6 Many companies have realized that information technology is integral to their business and have created a vice president or equivalent-level position for the head of information technology, often called the ____. Question 7 The ____ model uses an approach in which developers work with an evolving prototype. Question 8 During ____ processes for a new project, the organization recognizes that a new project exists, and completes a project charter as part of this recognition. Question 9 The ____ should list and describe all of the deliverables required for the project. Question 10 The goal of ____ is to influence the factors that cause scope changes, assure changes are processed according to procedures developed as part of integrated change control, and manage changes when they occur. Question 11 The project scope management knowledge area maps to the ____ process group through the activities of scope verification and scope control. Question 12 The ____ model requires heavy user involvement, and developers use a model to generate functional requirements and physical design specifications simultaneously. Question 13 In the ____ stage, organizations tie information technology strategy to mission and vision of organization and identify key business areas. Question 14 A ____ is a collection of project phases. Question 15 A ____ is a meeting held at the beginning of a project so that stakeholders can meet each other, review the goals of the project, and discuss future plans. Question 16 ____ include defining and authorizing a project or project phase. Question 17 ____ project management software integrates information from multiple projects to show the status of active, approved, and future projects across an entire organization. Question 18 Projects that address ____ are much more likely to be successful because they will be important to the organization. Question 19 During the Cold War years of the 1950s and ’60s, ____ continued to be key in refining several project management techniques. Question 20 ____ is a set of shared assumptions, values, and behaviors that characterize the functioning of an organization. Question 21 Project managers have the least amount of authority in a pure ____. Question 22 In a ____ matrix organizational structure, the project manager controls the project budget and has moderate to high authority. Question 23 The project schedule information section of the project management plan might include ____. Question 24 According to the Standish group, which of the following factors contributes most to the success of information technology projects? Question 25 Achieving high performance on projects requires ____, otherwise called human relations skills
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