Blue Infusion Webinar - Part 3 Being Multidimentional©

The Time is upon you for MAKING LOVE and how
You are a Multidimensional Person
Travel Beyond this Plane and away from your Human Body
Becoming sick or ill in temperatures, barometric pressures, from foods, people/animals may still occur
Allowing Time in these Cosmic Cycles for Elevation
Those of you who will be with your Other, physically staying and in each other
For Being NEW there will be a time of ABSTINENCE
No more “Starving Artist”, No more “Crazy Lover” but a True Union of SOUL, HEART and HIGH HEART, rather than mind. The BODY you now possess is and will be NEW.
The Substance you are made from is LOVE, it is tangible, mutable, formative, transformative, and consists of every element